Sonoff Wifi Switch with Feedback

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flinke flasche
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Sonoff Wifi Switch with Feedback

Post by flinke flasche » Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:56 pm

I found this very cheap wifi switches in the internet.


With a different firmware (Tasmota) you can use it with demopad even with feedback :D
You can use Tasmota with the most of the Sonoff devices.

Flash your Sonoff like the the manuals you can find in the internet. My manuals are in german, so you must find yours.

You can control the sonoff switch with the following commands:
Add a new device with the IP of the sonoff an Port 80.

Toggle Power -> GET /cm?cmnd=Power%20TOGGLE HTTP/1.0\x0D\x0A
Power on -> GET /cm?cmnd=Power%20ON HTTP/1.0\x0D\x0A
Power off -> GET /cm?cmnd=Power%20OFF HTTP/1.0\x0D\x0A

For the Feedback (sonoff uses JSON) you must use "feedback matches specific data"
in the Data fiel insert "POWER":"ON" or "POWER":"OFF".
In the Field upper right (i don't know the name right now) insert "}"

Have fun with your Wifi Switches
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Re: Sonoff Wifi Switch with Feedback

Post by hengenl » Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:03 pm

I use exactly the same, with Tasmota software running.
They are very neat, and do work fine.

I even purchased a few Sonoff S20 Sockets and updated to Tasmota firmware.

And yes the codes work too :)

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Re: Sonoff Wifi Switch with Feedback

Post by asimp11 » Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:26 pm

Thats good to know. But does the Sonoff relay still work with Alexa direct through the Ewelink skills app ?

I guess if its re-flashed you might lose the compatability. Does Tasmoto have dedicated skills?

I was using Sonoff relay to trigger Demopad macros by switching Centro inputs, works every time with no IFTTT delays. I think the Sonoff relay was only €24 on Amazon.

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