Integration with CoolMaster

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Integration with CoolMaster

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:08 am

Integration with CoolMaster
In this tutorial we will be explaining how to integrate a CoolMaster device with DemoPad. For this, there are two important steps, feedback and control.

Feedback can be received and displayed in the DemoPad app using a tool called Regex which is built into the DemoPad software. Regex is explained in more detail here. Using the command "stat" sent to the the CoolMaster device we can get all of the information about any heating/cooling systems in place in your house. The format that it is returned in is something like this:

101 ON 12C 12,41C High Cool OK
102 OFF 32C 04,93C Low Dry OK
103 ON 07C 08,27C High Dry OK

Which breaks down into this format:
Position in String Example Format Description
0-2 109 NNN Indoor unit Centralized Address
4-6 ON ON or OFF On/Off Status
8-10 23C NNC Set Temperature ºC
12-17 24,08C NN,NNC Room Temperature ºC
19-22 Auto Low,Med,High,Auto,Top Fan Speed
24-27 Cool Cool,Heat,Fan,Dry,Auto Operation Mode
29-32 OK OK or Xn, Xnn, nnnn OK or Failure code

Once you have got the Regex that returns each of the parts of what is returned you can have them assigned to labels which can be displayed on screen.

Control of your devices can be done by sending commands over RS232 to the CoolMaster device. To do this set up a New Device in DemoPad Designer and set the address to the IP2SL unit that is connected to the CoolMaster device. A full list of commands can be found in the Programmers Manual: ... er_PRM.pdf

Example Project
We have created an example project for you to get to grips with Regex and CoolMaster. Find it attached below. To use this project first set up your CoolMaster and your IP2SL unit. Then send a command to the CoolMaster unit saying "simul 3" this will simulate that three units are connected to the CoolMaster device. From here you can launch the project and get feedback about them.
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