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Integrating a Centro-8M with IFTTT / Amazon Echo / Google Home

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 5:05 pm
by DemoPad has many services which can be used in automation. One example is the Amazon Alexa service, which allows you to perform actions if you say a particular phrase, eg:
Another particularly useful one is the Maker service, which allows you to send HTTP web requests to it to trigger other IFTTT events, and also allows you to generate HTTP requests to control a Centro-8M.

For IFTTT to control a Centro-8M in this manner, create a Centro timed macro which performs any desired task, upload and test the macro in the normal way, and remember the macro name. It is recommended to keep macro names as single words. Then create an IFTTT Maker action as shown (which triggers a macro called kitchenlightsoff at IP address
For this to work, the appropriate port forwarding should be in place to the Centro-8M - 443 default for secure HTTPS as shown, and you should obviously not be using the default password on the Centro-8M

In addition to controlling a Centro-8M, the app, or a Centro-8 / 8M can also send HTTP commands to IFTTT to trigger events. The Maker service documentation includes information on how to trigger events, you should be using the 'send data to website' action type for a GET request, and the commands can be tested first with a standard browser.