Using the HDMI output port of a Centro-8

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Using the HDMI output port of a Centro-8

Post by DemoPad » Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:29 am

It is possible to affect what is shown on the HDMI output of a Centro-8. It can display images, short movie clips (.mp4 files) and certain types of simple website material. The commands are send via a Centro macro, which can be called by the app, or be part of a timed / conditional event.

1. Displaying Images / Web URLs:

Within a Centro macro, use the action type: 'Launch Web Page' - and specify the path to the file. For example, "" or, if a local file, just "logo.png". In the case of a local file, the file must have been uploaded to the Centro-8 using the 'Additional Files' option found on the Centro project upload screen.

2. Playing Movies:

To play a short movie clip (up to 1080p resolution), again with a Centro macro, use the action type 'Send Command' - choose the Centro device, and an example command would be: "PLAYMOVIE:", or if a local file : "PLAYMOVIE:mymovie.mp4" Again if a local file is used, the file must have been uploaded via the 'Additional Files' option. For advanced users, it is possible to specify co-ordinates & video window size, eg "PLAYMOVIE:mymovie.mp4 Position:32 840 448 1067" which specifies a window with top left x=32, y=840 and bottom right x=448, y=1067 for example.

Note there is 2GB of usable storage on a Centro-8, however it is recommended to only use short clips of video, and host them externally if possible.
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