Adding A Device to a Project

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Adding A Device to a Project

Post by DemoPad » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:17 am

The first step is to add at least one device to your project. To do this, access the project menu (by clicking on the project name in the project navigation tree) and select ‘New Device’.

You should enter the following information:
  • IP Address – this is the IP address of the device, eg
  • Port – this is the communications port used by the device, eg 4998 (refer to device specifications)
  • Type – if the device is a Crestron, Lutron, or Rako unit etc, select from the drop down list, otherwise leave as ‘Generic IP Device’. All devices are generic IP devices, unless they are listed in the drop down list.
  • UDP – check this box if the device communicates via UDP (refer to device specifications), otherwise leave unticked for TCP communication.
  • Command Suffix - this is added to the end of any command you send to the device. The default, \x0D\x0A (carriage return followed by line feed) is suitable for most devices.

    You can expand the device menu option using the lower right arrow, to reveal more options:
  • Remote IP Address – if you want the system to be able to communicate with the device when outside the local network (eg when on holiday / at work) – enter the external IP address of the system router / modem here. (You can also use a dyndns host name if your ISP does not provide a static IP address)
  • Remote Port – set the remote port to communicate with the device – note this will require a port forwarding rule to be set up in the internet router / modem.
  • Initial Command – This command is sent to the device when a connection is established. In the case of Lutron systems, this needs to be the username,password of the telnet login user set up in the Lutron software.
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