Usng the 'Send Data To A Website' action

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Usng the 'Send Data To A Website' action

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:48 pm

It is possible for the DemoControlHD app to send data to a web server. This can be used to accomplish various tasks, depending on the web server, and essentially sends a GET request to the server (as if you typed the address in a web browser and pressed 'Go').

To send data to a server, add an action of type ‘Send data to a website’, and in the Web Data text area enter the web address of the server, and any parameters expected by the server, for example: “

Obviously the web server in question must be ‘listening’ to these requests & perform some action for this to be useful – however it can be used, for example to send an SMS text message through a http gateway, or to control XBMC etc.

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