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Devices and Commands

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:47 pm

A device in DemoPad is something with an IP address and a port, for example an AV Receiver controlled over IP, or an IR gateway. You might use an IR gateway to control 3 pieces of equipment via Infra-Red (for example a TV, Blu-Ray player and Sat box), but this is still 1 device in the software, not 3.

For each device you add to the project, there will be a set of commands which will be associated with the device. These might be IR, RS232 or Ethernet commands. Ethernet & RS232 commands should be obtained from the manufacturer of the equipment. IR commands can either be learned, using an IR Learner, or converted from existing codes (eg Pronto Hex format) to match the protocol of the IR device being used. It is recommended to use the pre-defined commands section of the device to enter (or import) the commands, and to organize those commands in folders within the device. Once you have entered commands, use the Export to File option to save, for use in future projects.

For more information please go to the Getting Started forum.

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