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Mirroring Projects

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:46 pm

Each page within the project has both a portrait and landscape version. It is possible to create layouts which are completely different in the portrait & landscape orientations, by adding objects individually to each orientation, however it is also often desirable to have the same buttons, images etc on both orientations, but at a different location, suited to the particular orientation.

In this case, rather than creating the buttons etc separately, or copying/pasting & having to maintain twice as many objects, the software allows you to ‘Mirror’ the objects to the alternate orientation. Objects which are mirrored share the same properties (except for their x,y position on the page), so any changes made to the object on one orientation will be mirrored to the other orientation.

To mirror all objects on a page
Click somewhere on the background of the page to bring up the page menu. Click on the ‘Mirror’ option and, after a warning, all the page objects will be mirrored.

To mirror individual page objects
First, drag a group rectangle around the object(s) & then use the ‘Mirror’ option from the group menu (you can also Control-Click to select/deselect individual objects)
This simple procedure will save a great deal of time when creating & maintaining a project.

Note: Objects which have already been mirrored will not be ‘copied’ again, nor will their location information be lost, so you can choose to mirror all objects on a page after adding some objects without fear of having to reset the location of objects which you have previously mirrored.

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