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Using Gauges

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:46 pm

Gauges are sliders which range from 0-100%. In the case of Lutron / Rako, you are able to slide your finger up and down to alter the lighting levels of those systems. For other devices, for example amplifiers where you want to control the volume, you will need to associate the gauge with a Numbers variable (see below).

To add a gauge, click on the ‘Gauge’ insertion menu option, then drag & drop an image in the same way as adding a button. It is wise to choose a suitable image to act as the gauge. Also see the section below ‘Highlighting Objects’, as it is always necessary to specify the highlighted image for a gauge to allow the value to be shown. Typically the image will be the same size, but a different color. Examples can be found in the ‘Gauges’ image directory installed with the software. The 'Highlight' image is always the image shown when the gauge is at 0%, the standard image slides over the top of this image until it completely covers it (ie when at 100%).

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