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Working with an Insteon / X10 System

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:44 pm
by DemoPad
You can communicate with an Insteon / X10 system using a Universal Devices isy99i. The following information was provided to us by a 3rd party who successfully integrated with DemoPad:

For illustration purposes represents your actual isy99i IP address

In order for Demo Pad to effectively communicate with the isy99i, you will need to determine the respective Insteon “Devices or “Scene” nodes via the isy99i REST interface. This can be accomplished by opening a browser and accessing the interface using the following command:

If prompted, log in using your User/Password. The XML returned will contain data for each device either in the form of a ‘Device” or “Scene” node. Whether setting up an individual “Device” or a “Scene”, you will need to note the <address> value of the node.

A “Device” node will look something like:

<node flag=”128”>
<address>13 FB 2C 1</address>
<name>Landscape Lighting</name>

Note: Any leading zeros in “Device” nodes are dropped from each device hex pair. For example, “Device” id 0A 0B CC will appear as A B CC. Be advise, letters are case sensitive

A “Scene” node will look something like:

<group flag=”132”>
<name>Theater Wall Sconce </name>

Once a node is identified, you can confirm the validity of the node by opening a browser using the following command:

If the node is valid, this should turn the respective device on.

Assigning Command to Button Action

Select a button, and choose from the action drop down menu either “Edit on Press” or “Edit on Release”. This will take you to the action editor for the event. You can also double click a button to bring up the “Edit on Release” action editor, which is the recommended approach. Here you will enter the following information

Action Type - Send Data to a Website

Web Data -

In the Web Data field, a “Device” node will appear as follows: ... 01/cmd/DON ... 01/cmd/DOF

In the Web Data field, a “Scene” nodes will appear as follows: ... 42/cmd/DON ... 42/cmd/DOF

Utilizing the above command with the Username and Password, it allows you to access the isy99i without prompting you to authenticate.

Re: Working with an Insteon / X10 System

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:02 pm
by DemoPad
For a more advanced setup, please visit the following post: