Using Dynamic Labels

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Using Dynamic Labels

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:42 pm

Labels are text variables within the software. They are set up in the same way as flags, ie they have a name, but they also have a ‘Default Value’. This is the value of the label when the DemoControlHD app is launched. The default is a space character, so that you cannot see the label until you assign it a value.

A label can be set by creating an action on a button push/release, page load, or app load event. Whilst in the action editor, select ‘Set a Label’ as the action type, choose the label name from the drop down list & set the value (any text value, eg “TV IS SWITCHED ON”).

Buttons & text objects can have these dynamic labels associated with them, and the text which appears on the object will reflect the value of the label. This is particularly useful when using Toggle buttons, where the text on the button can change depending on the button function.

To assign a label to a button / text object, expand the Text menu for the object, and choose a Dynamic Label.

Labels can also be used for advanced feedback, dynamic loading of URLs in Web Views, and for loading up images from the network.

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