Adding Buttons to your project

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Adding Buttons to your project

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:40 pm

Once you click on the ‘Button’ or ‘Image’ insertion menu option, the ‘Objects’ navigation area appears on the left hand side.

Expand the ‘User Directory’ tree by clicking the + symbol. This reveals the directory structure located at “<installation dir>\Images” on your computer. You are free to add folders, sub folders & images to this location manually, to use your own graphics in your projects. There is a refresh button at the top of the tree view.
Expand any of the folders & hover your mouse over a particular image. You will see a preview of the image appear on top. Move your mouse over the image preview & then drag and drop the image onto the page canvas on the right & then release the mouse button.

In the case of a button, you can optionally enter some text into the text area which will appear as the label of the button (you can also manually enter this later).

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