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Launching Other Apps

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:35 pm

It is possible to launch certain other apps from the DemoControlHD app, using the Apple standard URL Scheme. Those apps which subscribe to this scheme (eg Safari, Apple Remote, Mail, Skype, Google Maps) can be launched with the correct command.

The most simple example is to launch the Safari web browser & navigate to a page. To do this, add an Action to a button & selected the ‘Launch a web page / other app’ action type. In the Web/App text area, type, for example,”” (without the quotes). Now when the user presses the button, Safari will launch & navigate to the desired page.

Equally, to launch the Apple Remote app, type in “remote://” in the Web / App text area. A web search for 'launch app url scheme' will bring up a list of apps which can be launched in this manner.

Some apps, for example the Kaleidescape app, allow you to specify return parameters for an otherwise hidden 'back' button which brings you back to DemoPad. For example, entering:


allows you to browse back and forth between the 2 apps seamlessly.

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