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Using Numbers

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:34 pm

Numbers are numerical variables within the software. Numbers have a maximum, minimum and default value. Any action can set the value of a number, and numbers can have actions associated with certain values of the number. For example, if a user slides a gauge to 0%, and that gauge is associated with a number variable, you can perform actions to, for example, turn a piece of equipment off. Similarly, if a gauge is set to 90%, a command can be sent to an amplifier to set the volume to 90%.

Numbers are set up from the top level project menu, and have a name, minimum, maximum and default value. If you expand the Numbers menu, you will see a 'Custom Actions' option. This allows you to specify actions to take if the Number falls within certain ranges, for example if a user slides their finger up an associated gauge.

You can associate gauges with number variables using the gauge menu.

Typical uses are if the user slides to within 1-9%, send a command to set the volume to 10%. If they slide between 10%-19%, send a command to set the volume to 20% etc.

To set a number manually, choose the 'set a number' action type & specify the new value, eg 10 or 20. You can also specify [+]1 to add 1 to the number, or [-]2 to decrease the number by 2 etc.

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