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Redeye Integration

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:33 pm

Using DemoPad with a RedEye unit is a very simple process. In this example will be using a RedEye Pro unit.

First you should navigate to your RedEye unit it in your browser. To do this find the IP address of RedEye and type it into the address bar of your preferred browser. This will load up the RedEye web interface where you should select your RedEye unit from the drop down box on the toolbar. From there a new page will load and you should select 'Devices' from the left hand side panel. RedEye has a built in Database of IR codes for controlling an array of different devices such as TVs, DVD players, etc. To access them create a new device and find the correct IR codes for your device, then in turn click on each of the device's buttons and collect the URL that is given for that button and set it to a button in DemoPad.

To set these URL's to the buttons in DemoPad select a button and click to Add/Edit Command. From the drop down box select to "Send Data to Website", next enter the URL into the data section and select 'Add' to add the command to the button.

When all of the buttons have been assigned all commands which are sent from DemoPad will go via the RedEye unit and to the device that you want to control.

Additional Information
RedEye also supports Activities which are pre-programmed sets of commands which are activated on a button press. An example of this would be wanting to turn on your TV, Surround Sound and DVD played on all at the same time to watch a film. To send a command to activate one of these activities you can send a URL in this format:
The IP address must be changed to the IP address of your RedEye unit and you must also change the ROOM ID and the ACTIVITY ID where the X's are shown. Sending this command from DemoPad will activate the activity.

More information for integrating into DemoPad can be found here.