Linking to an IP Camera

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Linking to an IP Camera

Post by DemoPad » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:00 am

There are 2 methods to bring live images into DemoPad, depending on your hardware.

Method 1: Using a Web View - if you can browse to the location of your IP camera with a browser, then you can use a web view to display the images, provided the IP camera does not bring up any popup windows (for example to ask for a username / password), as the web view does not support these. If a username/password is required you can try to use a webview with the credentials within the url, for example:


(note the https for security, otherwise you are passing your username/password as clear text around the network)

If that fails, you will need to use the 'launch web page' action type to actually launch the Safari browser to take you to the IP camera page.

Method 2: Using a direct link to a static image. You can create a label in the software, and give it the default value of an image on the network. For example, if using an Aviosy 9100A camera server, the path will be similar to this (which should be the default value of the label):

You can then assign that label to an image object using the expanded left most image menu - choose the label, and the refresh rate & the app will continuously refresh the image from the network.