Assigning Actions to Buttons

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Assigning Actions to Buttons

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:25 pm

The Actions menu is where you assign action that will be performed when the button is either pressed, released, or both. It is recommended to use the ‘Release’ actions wherever possible – this gives the user the option to press their finger on a button, & move their finger away from the button without performing any actions.

Please note, if a button has one or more ‘press’ actions associated with it, then if the user should move their finger off the button, the ‘release’ actions will still be executed.

There is an optional ‘Action Dependent Flag’ menu, which will look at the state of a flag to determine whether to execute any commands or not. The decision is made at the point at which the user pressed / released the button. Please note it is also possible to specify flag dependencies within a set of commands, where the decision whether or not to execute the command, based on the state of a flag, is made at the point when the command is about to execute (ie after any delay that has been set on the command).

Actions fall into one of the following categories:
  • 1. Sending commands to devices - for example to control a TV
  • 2. Setting a flag to ON or OFF
  • 3. Setting a label to a text value
  • 4. Send data to a website (sends a GET request in the background)
  • 5. Launching a web page / other app - exits the DemoPad app & browses to a web page / other app
  • 6. Jump to another page within the project
  • 7. Exit the DemoPad app
  • 8. Set the value of a Number
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