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Subpages Explained

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:23 pm

A sub page is a page canvas area which is smaller than the project page canvas size. Sub pages can be inserted as page objects onto normal pages, and can either be always visible, or appear in response to a flag condition (as can any page object). Any sub page which appears will ‘block’ any buttons which are placed behind the sub page area. Please refer to ‘Using Merged Pages’ which do not block buttons (though most circumstances call for using Sub Pages).

Sub pages are typically used to show remote controls of devices, or temporary GUI menu options, or where common commands are needed – sub pages prevent you having to continually copy/paste objects onto each page.

Creating / Resizing Sub Pages
To create a sub page, choose the ‘New Subpage’ option from the project menu, shown below.
Sub pages can be arranged in page folders, like any page, and must have a unique page name within the project. Sub Pages show in the project navigation tree with a yellow tint to the icon.

Each orientation of the sub page may have a different size – to change the size of a page orientation, double click the orientation to bring up the canvas area (this is where you will add buttons, images etc as with any other page). Move your mouse to the lower right hand corner of the canvas area & left click / drag with your mouse to create the new sub page size.

Adding sub pages to a page
To add a sub page to a host page, bring up the host page canvas area & select the ‘Subpage’ option from the ‘Insert Page Object’ page menu.

Choosing this option will bring up the project navigation tree, if it is not already visible. Hover your mouse over a particular orientation of the sub page you wish to add to see a preview of the sub page. Then, move your mouse over the preview & left click / drag the sub page onto the host page, just as you would with a button / image.

Making sub pages appear / vanish
Please refer to the ‘Animating Your Project’ section which applies to all page objects.

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