Uploading to an iPhone/iPad

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Uploading to an iPhone/iPad

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:21 pm

Once the project is ready to be deployed, you should ensure that the iPad / iPhone in question is on the same network as your computer (so that it can communicate with it through wifi), and that you have placed the project in the upload state, by pressing F5, or clicking ‘Upload to device’ from the top menu bar. You will then see the following screen, which contains the information you need to enter in the settings for DemoControlHD on the iPad / iPhone.

Note – the upload process uses port 51001 by default, please ensure that this is allowed by any security software / firewall you may have running on your computer, or your network.

Uploading the project from the PC to the iPad / iPhone is a one-time operation. You enter the settings for the project upload & then launch the app itself. Once uploaded, the project & all the image files reside on the iPad / iPhone. Multiple projects can exist on the device at the same time, and you can switch between then by altering the ‘Project File Name’ below.

Go into the general ‘Settings’ app on your iPad / iPhone & scroll down to DemoControlHD. Navigate to ‘Project Setup’ & set the following:
  • Reload next time: ON (do this each time you want to refresh the project, and set to NO once the project has been uploaded correctly)
  • Reload images: ON (only needs to be done initially, or when there have been image changes – set to NO when the project has been uploaded correctly)
  • Project Location: Copy from the PC upload screen, eg
  • Project Password: leave blank, unless you have protected the project
  • Project File Name: Copy from the PC upload screen, eg project1
Now exit the Settings app & launch the DemoControlHD app.

Note - if running iOS 4 or later, you may want to check that the app is not already running in the background & close it – double-tap the home button on the iPad / iPhone and search for the DemoControlHD app in the list of running applications. If it is there, press & hold it & then tap on the ‘Cancel’ symbol to close it down.

When the app launches with the ‘reload’ option set, it will attempt to download the project from the entered location. If it fails to download, it will display an error message & load up the last ‘good’ project. Once the project has been downloaded & tested, set the ‘reload’ options to NO so that it does not try to download the project each time the app is launched.

In addition to the project setup options in the iPad / iPhone settings app, there are several other app options, namely:
  • Remote Access – if set to ON, the project will use the ‘remote’ IP address & port settings from the project file. This setting is used to access the app functions when away from the local wireless network, but still connected to the internet.
  • Remember Last Page – if set to ON, the app will load up the last page it displayed when you launch the app.
  • Multitasking – if supported on your device, setting this to ON will send the app to the background tasks on the iPad / iPhone when you ‘exit’ the app. It is recommended only to use this option when the size of your project images results in a slow launch time, which can be avoided with the multitasking option.
  • Key Clicks – enables / disables a key click sound when buttons are pressed
  • Disable Pinch Zoom – gives the user the choice of being able to zoom in to the GUI using a pinch gesture
  • Startup Message: which is displayed while the app starts up
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