Configuring Global Cache Devices

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Configuring Global Cache Devices

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:59 pm

Wired Devices
Wired Devices have very little set up needed. Simply plug in the power and Ethernet cords and then it is set up and ready to use. Although, it is recommended that you apply a static IP address so that its IP does not change, stopping the app from working.

First, you will need iHelp from Global Cache to find out the IP address of the device. Find it here. Load up iHelp and find the IP address then right click & go to configure, or copy that IP address into a browser. From here a web-page should load with four options on the left. Select 'network' and untick the box that says 'Enable DHCP'. From here you should select an IP address with the final number being around the 200 range. (e.g. This is important as to avoid conflicts. Click save, the unit will reboot and you are done! (Note: strictly speaking the static IP address you assign should either be assigned by the router using the MAC address of the unit, or outside the range of DHCP to prevent conflicts)

Wireless Devices
Please follow the instructions in the box to power up and configure a WF2xx unit. Again, untick the 'Enable DHCP' box but this time different information will appear. Enter your desired IP address but on the drop down box marked 'Network Type' select infrastructure. Next you must enter the name of your wireless network next to the box marked SSID, then enter the type of security on your router and finally the wireless network password. For any of these details please refer to your router.

Click save, the router will reboot and you are done!

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