Learning Infrared Codes

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Learning Infrared Codes

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:56 pm

Learning Infrared (IR) codes is the process of taking a remote control and recording the data that is sent to the device. By doing this, these commands can be saved into a project and sent from an IP to IR gateway.

Learning via Global Cache device.
If you own a Global Cache iTach device these have an IR learner built in. To begin you will need a piece of software developed by Global Cache called iLearn (Download it here). Once you have it downloaded and installed plug in the Global Cache device and use this piece of software to find out its IP address so that you can connect to it. Once connected you are ready to learn your codes.

Now you can point your remote control at the small hole to the bottom right of the power socket on the Global Cache device and it will accept the code. Give each code a name (eg 'Up Arrow'), save the codes and when completed export it to a file (click New File) which can them be imported into the DemoPad software using the 'Import iLearn file' menu option in Pre-Defined commands for a device.

Further information can be found here

Pre-made Command Files
Sometimes pre-saved sets of codes can be found or given to you upon request - get in contact with us and you will be able to to import them straight into DemoPad. You can also check out the sharing forum here.

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