XBMC Integration (And Other Media Systems)

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XBMC Integration (And Other Media Systems)

Post by DemoPad » Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:56 pm

XBMC integration is very easy with Demopad and will work without any extra hardware other than the XBMC computer itself!

Before you program the DemoPad software to work with XBMC you must make some small modifications to the setup of the XBMC system. First, go to the network tab in system settings and turn on "Allow Control of XBMC via UPnP" and "Allow Control of XBMC via HTTP". After you have turned these on select a port for the HTTP address (We suggest 8082 but any is fine).

Click web interface and it will load up a selection of add-ons that the web interface can use. We suggest you download one called wTouch as this is specially designed for touchscreen devices. To get this add-on navigate to the web interface add-ons and download it, either by coming out of settings and finding it yourself or selecting "Get More" from the top right of the web interface selection screen.

Setting Up In DemoPad
For XBMC we have a set of pre-made commands to help you control your system. Simply, click on a device in the DemoPad designer and then click on commands in the top bar. This will open a screen where you can import the commands from a file. You can find the commands in the commands section of this forum. When they have been imported enter the IP address and port of the XBMC unit into the device properties.

When these commands have been imported you can drag and drop them on to buttons just as you would any other command.

In addition to this you can also place a web view pointing to the web interface to get touch screen navigation of XBMC and feedback about the playtime of the current media and an image to go with it. Insert a Web View on to the page, and enter the IP address of the XBMC machine as the Web View address.

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