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1. Welcome to DemoPad

Post by DemoPad » Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:38 pm

** Please note all current documentation is available here **

Welcome to the Getting Started section of the Knowledge Base. Here you will find an introduction to the software, what we aim to do and information on getting started.

How Does It Work?
Essentially there are two parts to DemoPad, the GUI Designer and the iOS app. The GUI Designer runs under Microsoft Windows and is available to download from our website from here. This software is used to create personalised interfaces for your Home Automation system. When this has been created it is uploaded to to the iOS app on either an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch via Wifi where it is displayed ready for you to control your home. The iOS app can be downloaded from the app store. Find it here.

Got it! What else do I need?
In order to control your devices the DemoPad app must have something to talk to. Some devices allow direct IP control if they are connected to your network, but to control other devices, such as Infra-Red devices you will need an IP Gateway of some description. You can either use our own Centro hardware, plus we officially support Global Cache and similar 3rd party gateway devices. Alternatively, we also support the vast majority of other devices such as Lutron, Rako and Crestron systems. As a rule of thumb - if a device has an IP address, DemoPad can control it!

But I Already Have Hardware?
In which case, you are ready to go. We are proud to say that we can support the majority of devices out there and as a rule, if it has a remote control or is connected to your local area network we can more than likely control it. If you have something uncommon which you do not know if we would support do not hesitate to get in contact with our support team.

Whats Next?
Next we move on to the Designer software where we will be learning to configure the interface.
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