Samsung TV 2016+ RS232 commands

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Samsung TV 2016+ RS232 commands

Post by cv27 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:52 pm

Attached are the RS232 commands available for Samsung TV's 2016+. They have been tested on a MU8000 which has the EX-Link RS232 connector on the back panel.

  • Do NOT append a command suffix
  • If using a Global Caché Flex with RS232, port is TCP 4999
  • 2-way (or not)
    - the MU8000 acknowledges valid commands received by echoing the command suffixed with '03 0C F1'
    - it will also tack on 'FF' in response to a power On command if it was previously Off.
    - the MU8000 will simply echo an invalid command (no '03 0C F1')
    - that's it.
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