Kodi JSON Commands

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Kodi JSON Commands

Post by rwynd » Fri Jun 10, 2022 8:24 am

Hi All,

Have been working on JSON commands for Kodi.

Many of the commands I have included may only be useful if you are trying to build a complete visual interface of your own, like the Chorus2 built in to Kodi. I started doing this, but found there were constraints in the implementation of some of the Kodi JSON code, but the major problem was not having the ability to use arrays in DemoPad designer so in the end I gave up.

Having said that, there are many areas where you can make the user interface experience simpler/richer using the commands I have included - up to you how much control you want to implement.

I have tested the majority of the commands successfully. Some are context sensitive, some only work in particular modes/windows, some only work with a particular player ( audio, video, picture). Many of the commands have a variety of different parameters that can be included to provide a range of information, eg. details about a TV show or a music track.

I have all these included in a spreadsheet, that I was going to attach to this post, but it is not compatible. If anyone wants the spreadsheet email me - rwynd@ncable.net.au

Before you start sending commands you need to go into Kodi's Settings/Services Menu, select Control and then turn on Allow remote control from applications on other systems.

The settings needed in DemoPad Designer are shown in the attached image file - Basically device IP Address and Port 9090.

It is relatively easy to set up 2-way communication response analysis to extract information which can then be fed to other commands using labels/numbers.

Hope these are useful to someone.



PS I also have commands for a Sony KD-X9500H TV - IR, IP, and JSON if anyone is interested I can post to the forum
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