Capturing multiple lines of feedback

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Capturing multiple lines of feedback

Post by DemoIan » Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:24 pm


I am trying to “capture” a list of menu items from a Nuvo concerto via RS232 feedback using a Centro 8. The problem is that the response from the unit is just a list output, there are no line numbers (it responds with 20 lines of menu items)

I can capture the feedback but I am struggling to think of a way to get each line. The only way I could think of doing it is using a macro, every time the feedback changes the data is copied to a new label based on an incrementing looping number, but to do this the macro needs to match the data exactly. Can you put wildcards in this statement? Or can you think of a better way of capturing the lines.

Example of menu response (in this example they have use sequential menu item numbers but this is not always the case)

*Z19MENUREQ,0x00000003,0,2,20 (Request next 20 items in this menu)
#Z19MENU,0x00000003,0,0,46,65535,20,20,"Artists" Artists 20-39 (Menu Header)
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000016,3,0,"Bonnie Raitt"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000018,3,0,"Bruce Hornsby & the Range"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000019,3,0,"Bruce Springsteen"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x0000001A,3,0,"Buddy Guy"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x0000001B,3,0,"Buffalo Springfield"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x0000001C,3,0,"Carole King"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x0000001D,3,0,"Cat Stevens"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x0000001F,3,0,"Chris Isaak"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000021,3,0,"Collective Soul"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000022,3,0,"Cowboy Junkies"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000023,3,0,"Creedence Clearwater Revival"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000024,3,0,"Crosby, Stills & Nash"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000025,3,0,"Cyndi Thomson"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000026,3,0,"Dame Janet Baker"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000027,3,0,"Dan Fogelberg"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000028,3,0,"David Crosby"
#Z19MENUITEM,0x00000029,3,0,"David Gray"

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