Receive UDP Multicast/receive UDP status (Updated)

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Receive UDP Multicast/receive UDP status (Updated)

Post by AKWillows » Thu Apr 07, 2016 7:04 pm

I have an Owl heating control system and would like to display the current status in my Demopad set up. The Owl uses multicast to send its current status and I don't know if I can pick that up within Demopad

The Network OWL sends UDP packets to the following multicast group: Address:
Port: 22600

and it sends the following:

<heating ver='2' id='00A0C914C851'> <timestamp>1384249792</timestamp> <zones>
<zone id='200027F' last='26'>
<signal rssi='-87' lqi='48'/>
<battery level='2240'/>
<conf flags='0'/>
<temperature state='0' flags='0' until='1384273800' zone='0'>
<required>15.00</required> </temperature>

I'd like to pick out the temperature state figure and current temperature.

Alternatively, I can set the Owl device to send the same data to a specific IP address and port if that makes it more workable! I have tried setting this to send to the IP address of my iPad and port 9000(randomly chosen!) and I can pick up the data using a UDP receiver app, but how do I do this in Demopad?

Anyone had any experience of this or able to offer advice?

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