New av system

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New av system

Post by Nnuudd » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:28 pm

Hi everyone, im after some advice.

At the moment i have a opus system with demopad but the system keep failing and its time for a new one.

Can anyone recomend any systems or a route to go?
I have been looking at Hdmi matrix's like bluestream and could replace my wall pannels at the moment with ipads with demopad, but i have speakers in my ceiling around the house so would also need a way of combining the sound as well.

Any Suggestions would be apreciated and would be nice to hear what everyone else is using.

thanks! :D

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Re: New av system

Post by asimp11 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:57 pm

Hi Nnuudd,
It is hard to say given the info you provided. Can We assume you have Opus wall stations? With the ceiling speakers your wiring is already done and with Opus you already have decent 16bit amplification!

How to best use any exising system right now! Add an Echo Dot to each area and go multiroom. Demopad can command each zone on/off up/down using IFTTT. Your Alexa will then provide Apple or Spotify seamlessly to your zones. Add a Sonos to the Opus AUX and then get Skills. (Not Spotify for now)

As for the V in AV, this is where Demopad will give you flexibilty to control what you watch with a matrix and expand accordingly. Only buy the iPads for main viewing or cinema areas. (I assume there is allways an iPhone in your pocket as its hard to get out of a decent armchair to turn the channel over).

This is what people are enjoying right now!! (And for little cost when you are already sorted)

Tony :mrgreen:

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