Kitsound multiroom Audio Link and Qualcomm allplay IP help

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Kitsound multiroom Audio Link and Qualcomm allplay IP help

Post by Cheesegeezer » Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:00 am

I've just purchased 3 of these Kitsound Multiroom link audio adapters. More info here ... om-adaptor

It runs off of Qualcomm allplay protocol. I have downloaded the SDK for it however it appears from the documentation that it doesn't have any set HTTP commands as its requires an app to be created to tap into the API.

To make matters worse there is no URL scheme available to launch the app to control them thru demopad. I've checked the Info.plist and its not available.

I've found there is another company that do a music box where they have given a list of IP commands and use Qualcomm allplay service, however not sure if this will translate to the Kitsound service.

Their ip commands are listed here however i fear they are specific to Musaic's MP5 and MP10 models. ... r-2016.pdf

Just wondering if Demopad or any other devs can see anything glaring in the SDK that would allow me to send commands thru the demopad software. I dont have any development software to load up the sdk.

Thanks for any help.

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