Drag and Drop - Custom Number Actions (Advanced)

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Drag and Drop - Custom Number Actions (Advanced)

Post by DemoPad » Wed May 11, 2016 11:05 am

This is an example project for advanced users which shows how to implement drag and drop style controls for a 3 source, 2 screen matrix system.

The key is to use a large transparent button with the x,y number variables linked to it (0-100 range for example), and to decide when to select a source, and when to select a screen, based on the values of x and y - which is done via the custom number actions screen for the number variables. For example, when your finger is on the left of the screen (<50) and near the top (61-100), then select the appletv source.

Then, when your finger is released from the button, having moved from left to right to select a screen, it sends the correct commands to the matrix, depending on which source / screen flags are set.

Note - the gauge images which are used to show the movement of the source from the left to the right are not included with the software as standard - these were created specifically for this project, but all other functionality is in the standard software.
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